Chiropractic Testimonials

"Love the staff here. Kim and Donna at the front desk are always so fun to say hi to and Dr. Peda Moua and Dr. Bill."

- Joe H.

"I have nothing but the best customer service every time I go there."

- Paul H.

"I think the people are great , the service is wonderful, I am always able to get the time I need. My neck and back feel great . Would highly recommend this place."

- Jackie L.

"Dr. Peda is family! I'm really glad I had the chance to come in for a treatment plan. He's caring and respectful in giving you the care you need. I highly recommend coming in to see him and will definitely send out referrals to see him."

- Mylee K.

"Love Dr. Bill's approach to corrective chiropractic treatments. He is knowledgeable and really cares about his patients."

- Michael V.

"The Doctors are very professional and knowledgeable. Even with the first adjustment, I could feel a noticeable improvement. I am 65 years old. In 1993, I was in a severe accident where I spent the next four months in a wheel chair. That is until I went to a chiropractor. In three visits I was walking with crutches. Two visits more and I was back walking without support. No one has to convince me as to the validity and importance of Chiropractic practice. I believe I would still be in a wheel chair [or worse] today without it. Then, in the last 10 years I was unable to continue with Chiropractic upkeep due to economics. In this interlude, I saw myself getting more arthritic, less and less mobile and with chronic illnesses developing. As of January 2014 assistance was available to me so that I was able to continue with Chiropractic adjustments. I saw numerous Chiropractors in the years after the accident. As good as they were and regardless how much I credit them for getting me walking again and maintaining my mobility, I can honestly say that the services at Cornerstone Chiropractic are a cut above the rest. As having been in the unique position to make comparisons between different Chiropractors, I can honestly say that this program is excellent. They do their best to keep you informed and educated. I have never felt this much improvement and release of stress after just one visit, ever before. With each subsequent adjustment there is the subtle noticeable improvement that tells me how much the adjustments are working and that it is not too late for me to be put back together again. I could not be more satisfied with the program at Cornerstone."

- Nyla N.

"On Sept. 17, 2012 I started my chiropractic care at Cornerstone. I had headaches once a day and now they are GONE. I also was taking medicine for Acid Reflux syndrome. I no longer take the medication and my reflux is almost gone. I would recommend Cornerstone Chiropractic to anyone in need. The doctors and staff are awesome and make coming to appointments Awesome!!"

- Fred H.

"I have an injured disc in my back and upon lifting or moving sometime incorrectly causes pain radiating down my right leg and also at night in bed. I informed Dr. Bill or it and since I spoke with him and the adjustments I received, I have NO MORE pain!! I've had this pain periodically for 6 years and I am very please and thankful!"

- Sharon Z.

"After adding chiropractic care from Cornerstone Chiropractic to my regular care for Scleroderma, my symptoms have improved significantly."

- Andrea O.

"I'm 34 and finally made the leap to chiropractic care; after seeing the doctor and physical therapy did not help, I couldn't exercise like I wanted to anymore and sleeping through the night without pain was not an option. After only 2 months of care I'm back to the gym and can sleep through the night! I'm finally without the constant pain I had. I'm happier now knowing I have a better, healthier future ahead."

- Ashley B.

"I have serious scoliosis of my upper back and a very pronounced loss of the natural curve of my neck. I also have some discomfort in my right hip area and have a diagnosis of mild asthma for which I take and inhaled medication twice daily. After working the Dr. Aki for some weeks now, I have noticed a definite decrease in the discomfort of my hip & a lessening of the limp that had caused by my hip's poor alignment. I have noticed an improvement in the symptoms of my asthma also. I can now walk a longer distance without shortness of breath than was possible before starting therapy. I fell the manipulation and the exercises I have been taught have had positive results for my health."

- Sr. Annice M.

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